Americana Folk Band from Knoxville, TN

If Janis Joplin and Norah Jones had a baby–that would be the sound of Redd–coupled with sounds from the Tennessee hills. 

Redd formed in early 2021 in Knoxville, Tennessee, amidst the pandemic, and have been going strong ever since. In 2021 alone, Redd performed roughly 200 shows.

The band formed when bassist Will Ross met Redd Daugherty at the Union Place Chris Marshall Open Mic and Jam. 

To quote Will, “[Redd] had a sweet, disarming voice that melted the crowd.” 

Redd had similar feelings: “I was initially intimidated by Will’s playing, because I thought he was too good to play with me, but we melted our sounds together like butter once we started playing. And then gigging became a breeze.”

Redd and Will were a duo for most of 2021, and their band name was that–lackluster and uncreative–“Redd & Will”–it’s okay, you can laugh. Due to the pandemic and most bars and coffee shops being closed due to safety, Redd and Will got their start with busking on the streets of downtown Knoxville, primarily on Gay Street and Market Square. 

When asked about Redd’s singing style, she says, “It took me a few good months to really understand how to sing in an open, outdoor space. I used to sing like a bird–quiet, chirp like–and no one could really hear me unless I was in front of a mic. But once Will took me busking over the summer months, I really learned how to sing with my abdomen. I also took some singing lessons from Cayce Stoops, and that was game changing. I didn’t know I could access a growl or rasp safely until I dove into practice.”

But, Redd and Will knew something was missing from their duo, and that was Gavin Gregg. Gavin’s mandolin play style fills up gaps that Will and Redd struggled to fill during live performances, and he adds complexity where it’s lacking. 

Gavin says, “It felt immediately right when I hopped in to join them. We weren’t even able to have a practice together for the first gig.”

Gavin and Will both came from Big Country’s Empty Bottle as well as different bands and projects before forming Redd. 

So, what’s on the horizon for Redd, the band? 

2022 holds great opportunities. Redd will be in the studio composing their first collaborative album, and they hope to tour in different states and areas–of course dependent on COVID safety and restrictions. They’re excited to bring joy to listeners, meet new people, and grow their audience.



Lead Singer | Rhythm Guitar

Redd is a Knoxville native and former high school English, Yearbook, and Journalism teacher. She also coached cross country and track. 

In 2021 Redd's students pushed her to audition for American Idol, and she placed Top 40. She is now working alongside Will and Gavin to make music her fulltime gig. 



Upright Bassist

Will Ross is currently at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville acquiring his degree in Jazz Bass. 

He also hosts Bass Jams through Real Knoxville Music. 



Mandolin Player | Lead Vocals | Backup Vocals

While Gavin plays mandolin for Redd, he also sings back up vocals along with leading songs, as well. 

Gavin currently works at a local music shop, Open Chord, assisting aspiring musicians find their passions.